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I am a composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Engaged in composition and production from an early age, I predominantly utilise a combination of electronic and acoustic elements, live instrumentation, field recordings, sourced audio material and improvisation into my practice to create melodic textural journeys.


My diverse sound is influenced by a wide array of genres including but not limited to post rock, ambient, experimental noise, electronica, synth wave and contemporary classical. 


In Vitro

My latest release under the Cambio Sun moniker was recorded during the depths of Melbourne's initial lockdown in 2020. 

Fusing organic otherworldly ambient soundscapes with hard hitting classic breaks and bass-heavy mutant percussion, this new direction was as much inspired by the seminal drum and bass productions of LTJ Bukem, Seba, Photek and Source Direct as by the modern releases of Illian Tape, R&S, Livity Sound and Brainfeeder. 


Animal Sense

My sophomore self release Animal Sense is a 7 track album released in 2016 heavily influenced by my relocation to London at the age of 19. Composing and creating a long-form body of work, much like a film score, is the mechanics at play behind Animal Sense. 


Still Here

Recorded in Sydney 2018 after my return to Australia from the UK, Still Here demonstrates my abilities as a songwriter touching on a range of influences from post rock to illbient. 

Besides some guest appearances from friends and fellow Sydney musicians, I stuck to the original Cambio Sun ethos playing all the instruments on the 5 track EP. 



Retisent was my initial foray into the Cambio Sun project with the release of my first single 'Intuition' in 2014. Inspired by the reception of 'Intuition' I produced a 6 track EP in the final year of high school drawing from my influences at the time such as Four Tet, Shlomo, Burial and Bon Iver. 

The EP was met with notable acclaim as well as garnering over 2 million streams for the single 'Mad As They Come'. This allowed the oppurtunity to sign a management deal with BlackList Ent. and receive funding from former Sony CEO Nick Gatfield to further propel the project globally. 


Music Composition for Film, Visual Media and Podcasts
Pro Tools, Logic Pro X & Ableton Live

VO Recording

Sound Design

Mixing for TVC & OLV
Foley Recording
Audio Editing
Arranging and Pre-Production Record Engineering

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