Nick Gatfield

“I have worked at the most senior levels of the recorded music industry for the past 20 years having served as President and/or Chairman/CEO for Universal (Island Records UK), EMI Records (UK & US) and, most recently, Sony Music.
I believe Cambio Sun have the capability to build a strong international following and long term sustainable careers. The music is unique and the musicianship exceptional-they deserve to be given an opportunity to realise their potential and perform on the global stage.”


James Wylie

“I have known Charlie Tait (aka Cambio Sun) for around two years now. I am a solicitor working exclusively in the music industry. In my (almost) forty year career i have represented successful international acts including Dire Straits, Eurythmics, Fine Young Cannibals, James Blunt and many others. I have represented acts when they are already enormously successful but also when they are just starting.
I have formed the firm impression that Charlie is an extremely talented young man both as a recording artist and as a songwriter. I consider that his material has the potential to be internationally successful and i believe he has the right temperament to achieve and deal with success in the music industry.”


Jim Lowe

“I am a record producer who had the fortunate chance to work with Cambio Sun last year mixing his record in London. He is a huge talent and was a pleasure to work on such a new and exciting project. It was actually one of the freshest and talented acts i have seen in a while. He will always have my full support, i enjoyed working on the project and soon became a fan of the music. I hope i get to work with him again, i feel he has a good future to keep making great music.”